How to Connect Your Wallet to DKEY Bank App

Yes, you heard it right! Everyone can now connect their external wallet to DKEY Bank App. It allows users to make deposits and withdrawals via Connect Wallet anytime, anywhere.

From this tutorial, you can learn more about Connect Wallet, from depositing to withdrawing. At the same time, it also provides guidance on staking, harvesting, compounding and unstaking of $DKEY. Now let’s discuss some key points that users need to pay attention to when performing transactions!

DKEY Bank App new feature: Connect Wallet

Before connecting, it is important to ensure that your wallet has switched to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. One more thing, you must have $DKEY in your external wallet to deposit via Connect Wallet. What if you don’t have $DKEY? Just refer to TokenPocket wallet tutorial to buy $DKEY! And, keep in mind that there is a small gas fee for every deposit.

The transaction fee is 5 $DKEY per withdrawal, regardless of the limit. You gotta make sure that your wallet has enough $DKEY to deduct the transaction fee. For instance, if you have 10 $DKEY left in your $DKEY Wallet, you can only withdraw up to 5 $DKEY. Furthermore, all transactions will be displayed on your external wallet within 5 minutes.

Try this new feature today and experience an easier, smoother way to deposit and withdraw $DKEY!



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