Earn with DKEY Horizon

2 min readJun 15, 2022

DKEY Horizon is a crypto asset management tool that boosts your earnings with a wider range of EARN options. You can now transform the way you manage your crypto assets, keeping everything in one place.

How to EARN with DKEY Horizon?

  • Use DKEY Bank App as a wallet to store your multi-chain crypto assets
  • Generate passive income with DKEY Vaults, including Swap, Staking, Lending, Mining
  • Earn annual interest by subscribing Savings feature
  • Grow your assets with Financial Products, such as NFT, ETF, bonds, insurance
  • Convert your existing assets to $DKEY via Asset Tokenisation
Start your earnings with DKEY Horizon today!

DKEY Vaults provide comprehensive financial management to all users through 4 core financial products. In Swap Vault, users can exchange other mainstream crypto assets into $DKEY through its cross-chain functionality. Stakeholders can gain attractive rewards by buying and holding $DKEY in Staking Vault. Users can lend their crypto assets to others and earn interest on the loan as Lending Vault offers loans with crypto assets as collateral. Mining Vault allows users to yield more by putting their crypto assets into shared liquidity mining pools.

The Savings feature is designed to allow users to earn interest on their idle crypto assets. Flexi Savings is like a crypto savings account, allowing users to subscribe and redeem their crypto assets whenever they want. Fixed Savings requires users to subscribe crypto assets for a fixed period to gain higher interest earnings. Which Savings to subscribe to depends entirely on the user’s choice!

On the other hand, DKEY supports seamless conversions of real asset ownership into crypto assets through asset tokenisation. This greatly improves accessibility and cost-effectiveness for those who wish to liquidate their assets effortlessly.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to unlock the potential of your crypto assets with DKEY Horizon!




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