DKEY First Half Recap & Changelog

3 min readJul 13, 2022

Long time no see, $DKEY holders! The team has gone through months of research and development. Are you ready to review the data summary and project development progress over the past 6 months?

DKEY Data Recap: First half of 2022

  • Average Daily Trading Volume: $6,835.19 *
  • Market Cap: $72.67 million *
  • Market Price: $0.73 *
  • Total Value Locked: $4,036,000 **
  • Total Staked $DKEY: 5,045,000 **
  • Total Reward: $260,449.52 **
  • Total Reward in $DKEY: 89,357.17 **
  • Total Reward in DUSD: 171,092.28 **

* Data was captured based on the average of H1 2022.

** Data was captured at the end of staking contract on 31 Dec 2022.

DKEY Achievements & Plans: First half of 2022

DKEY integrates financial products from cryptocurrency and financial markets, and develops different solutions for different user groups. DKEY Horizon is developing a sustainable ecosystem spanning two verticals to serve the concept of Earn-to-Pay. It offers a wide range of features for individual users to manage their crypto assets on one platform. Users can utilise the EARN options to manage and grow their income, from Wallet, Vaults, Savings to Financial Products. In addition, DKEY Horizon also provides users with a more convenient and flexible way to PAY. It allows users to spend their crypto earnings directly through DKEY Pay and Credit Card.

On the other hand, DKEY Business aims to help businesses by integrating blockchain technology with their expertise. It is a digital asset custody platform developed with the highest security level to manage digital assets in an efficient and transparent manner. DKEY Business offers a variety of financial services to serve corporate clients, including OTC Desk & Escrow, Legal Consultancy, Liquidity, Crypto Lending, Crypto Borrowing, Transaction Management, Wealth Management and Asset Tokenization.

DKEY Bank App new features

Starting on 01st July 2022, DKEY has launched the new $DKEY Staking Vault, where users can stake $DKEY to harvest and compound their rewards. In this staking vault, the APY is flexible and its percentage is calculated according to a formula. And, the Share represents the proportion of $DKEY you stake in the pool. Since there is no minimum or maximum staking limit, users are allowed to stake any available $DKEY. Also, keep in mind that staking rewards only start to count after 24 hours. And, this new staking vault provides users with greater flexibility to unstake their $DKEY at any time.

$DKEY Staking Vault calculation formula

Other than that, we have also launched the new Connect Wallet feature on DKEY Bank App. It facilitates $DKEY deposit and withdrawal by connecting your external wallet to DKEY Bank App. Each external wallet deposit will cost you a small gas fee, whereas each external wallet withdrawal requires 5 $DKEY. Before connecting, users have to make sure they switch their external wallet network to BSC. And, they must have $DKEY in their external wallet to successfully deposit into DKEY Bank App.

DKEY Changelog: First half of 2022

Completed System Update

June 2022 System Update Version 1.10 includes the following improvements and bug fixes for DKEY users:

  • External wallet deposit and withdrawal function
  • New Claim function for users to collect presales staking rewards
  • New $DKEY staking vault
  • New DKEY website design with comprehensive information
  • Fixed a bug where users receive the wrong in-app messages about unstake
  • Fixed a bug that the system does not support decimal places for deposits




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