DKEY First Half Recap & Changelog

  • Average Daily Trading Volume: $6,835.19 *
  • Market Cap: $72.67 million *
  • Market Price: $0.73 *
  • Total Value Locked: $4,036,000 **
  • Total Staked $DKEY: 5,045,000 **
  • Total Reward: $260,449.52 **
  • Total Reward in $DKEY: 89,357.17 **
  • Total Reward in DUSD: 171,092.28 **
DKEY Bank App new features
$DKEY Staking Vault calculation formula
  • External wallet deposit and withdrawal function
  • New Claim function for users to collect presales staking rewards
  • New $DKEY staking vault
  • New DKEY website design with comprehensive information
  • Fixed a bug where users receive the wrong in-app messages about unstake
  • Fixed a bug that the system does not support decimal places for deposits



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